Welcome to the official homepage for Orphan Legacy, home to the “Orphans of T<insert name here>”. Originating as a home to the <Orphans of Taris> Republic faction guild from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the membership later expanded to other games and is now the home to those members and their friends.

Val’s 5 Reasons to get back into SWTOR

Val's 5 Reasons to get back into SWTORKnights of the Fallen Empire has many exciting things to offer!

Membership throughout the guild and server has been declining steadily since the release of the Shadow of Revan due to Bioware’s lack of content. It is easy to see why rosters and servers have become sparse. Since the Shadow of Revan was released there has not really been any large new content in the fictional galaxy. A lot of players will find themselves bored or lacking a challenge and thus migrate elsewhere in search of greener pastures.

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Some people may be aware and some may not. Some may care and others…might not give a crap, made sure that didn’t rhyme. Anyway, The Orphans actually have a YouTube channel! We have actually had a YouTube channel for about a year now and have been steadily uploading videos with a higher frequency as time as gone by. At my time of writing this we have a grand total of 27 videos to be exact.

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